Solutions for dong nai universities to develop high quality labor force in the industrial revolution 4.0


    Humanity persitsts to board on a period of unparalleled technological advancement in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Governments, entreupreners and academics all are pursuing the proper roadmap for navigating these intense changes in the World of work. Given that Dong Nai, a place featured with numberous and large foreign industrial zones is a key Southern economic region in Vietnam, Universities in the area are responsible to address the challenges connected with workforce transformation and the unstoppable shifts in workforce demands. This research was the author done conducted to extend current knowledge on the methodologies employed by Dong Nai Universities to develop qualified labor in the Fourth revolution. Particularly, based on litrature we constructed a qualitative study and surveyed 307 managers, staffs and lecturers of five universities located in Dong Nai province. The fidings show that there are three practical methods for Dong Nai universities to cultivate an eminent human resource that is capable to cope with changes in new era.

    KEYWORDS: Industrial Revolution 4.0; Human resource; Educational environment; University education

    Nguyen Ngoc Thi Kim Loan (2019)

    <Journal of Science of Lac Hong University No.8, 2019>

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