FCE's Laboratory

FCE is always supported by LHU to invest in experimental equipment and construction technology for teaching. Currently, FCE's Laboratory is located at campus 6, rooms I107. In which, there is a theory room fully equipped with modern desks, chairs, tables, computes and projectors, a showroom of students’ products and a teaching and laboratory room which is equipped with machinery, equipment and materials for subjects during the learning process.

1. Material Strength Test

Serving practical experiment of building materials and scientific research for students of construction industry

Serving practical experiments and scientific research for students majoring in Construction Materials & Components

Serving scientific research topics in the field of construction materials & components of lecturers

Testing Devices
Testing Devices

2. Building Materials Test

Floor sieve set
Floor sieve set
Floor sieve set
Electronic scale

3. Soil Mechanics Experiment

Drying cabinet
Improvised soil cutter

4. Geodetic Practice

Serving geodetic internships, measuring and monitoring works for students of the construction industry, under the University of Science and Technology.

Geodetic machines

5. Other devices

Construction drawing printer


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