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Student Support

According to statistics of the University’s Corporate Relations and Student Support Division, 98% of the students are employed and said to meet the requirements of most employers. The Division strives to help every graduate student of LHU. Towards that end, it has helped coordinate a number of research projects involving corporations and organizations as a means of introducing students to careers and industries of interest as well as meeting potential employers.

Internship Program
It is a great chance to experience and evaluate your future career through the LHU internship program which is offered while you reach the senior period. Furthermore, an internship will not only help you in getting used to the working environment but also gaining professional skills. Even if you are employed with well-paid wages right after ending the internship in the company you have been involved in.
Job Recruitment
The Corporate Relations and Student Support Division often posts job opportunities including part-time or full-time jobs with detailed information. The job listing is always up to date.
For more information, please contact the Corporate Relation and Student Support Division
Tel: (+84) 251 3951347

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