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Robot workshops

Together with the development of industrialization and modernization and the strength of robot movements, LHU invested in building 4 separate robot workshop areas including:

One workshop located at the back of the campus 1 (near Dong Nai riverside) is equipped with many types of machines and tools serving robot invention.

One workshop located near Dinh Tan Lai area, Buu Long ward is the place where invented robots are tested before they are taken to the Robot Operation and Development Center. Necessary facilities and equipment for robot making are available here.

One workshop located at the campus 5 is equipped with mechanical outwork machines. This is the place where students can practice and fit basic robot models.

The Robot Operation and Development Center located at No. 15/3B, Huynh Van Nghe street, Buu Long ward was run in January 2013. The center is a test place that checks the quality of robots before they "come out of the oven". Here, modern equipment can detect malfunction or errors of robots. This is considered as a technology transfer, development and research center. To prepare for robot contests, the center is used to make competition grounds according to the yearly themes of robot contests. 

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