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1. Laboratories of the Faculty of Civil Engineering 

LHU has equipped students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering with modern laboratories and workshops located at rooms I 107, I 108 and I 109 at the sixth campus. These rooms are furnished with full equipment and machines. They mainly serve the teaching, learning and scientific research of lecturers and students in the field of engineering and construction.

Laboratories equipped with full devices and tools 

2. Laboratories of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics

The Faculty of Electromechanics and Electronics consists of practice rooms for PLC and Mechatronics, CAD/ CAM/ CNC, Mechanics, Basic Electricity and Power Supply, Digital Lab, Microcontroller Lab and many other workshops, furnished with full equipment and machines.

PLC and Mechatronics practice room

Practice room for Basic Electricity and Power Supply

Digital Lab

3. Laboratories of the Faculty of Pharmacy 

The University has fully equipped students of Pharmacy Faculty with 20 specialized laboratories and practice rooms. They include Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory, Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory, Pharmacognosy Laboratory, Botany Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry and Drug Quality Control Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Administration and Economics Laboratory, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Laboratory, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Industry Laboratory,...

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory  

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

4. Laboratories of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology

The Faculty of Food Science and Technology consists of 10 Labs including Environmental Technology Lab, Laboratory of Micro-organism, Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology, Plant Cell Technology Lab, Environmental Analysis Lab, Center of Nutrition - Sensory Science, Laboratory of Applied Technology, Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Cosmetics, Laboratory of Food Technology and Laboratory of Polymer and Silicate Materials Technology.

Environmental Technology Lab 

Plant Cell Technology Lab

Environmental Analysis Lab

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