The Faculty of Oriental Studies organized professional activities with the topic "Some methods of teaching writing."

the Faculty of Oriental Studies conducted the fourth thematic report in the 1st semester of the 2020-2021 academic year with the topic "Some methods of teaching writing" by Nguyen Thai Lien Chi, MA – lecturer in Vietnamese Studies preparation and presentation.  

       Nguyen Thai Lien Chi, MA, presented issues related to the teaching of writing in the current language teaching environment. Writing skills is one of the four basic skills of teaching and learning foreign languages. From the experience of teaching Vietnamese to some international students at the Faculty, it has been proved that: writing skills are a prerequisite skill for learning and using foreign languages ​​in real life.

       Along with speaking skills, writing skills also need to be cultivated and taught methodically so students can choose the right skills. This will bring excellent efficiency to the teaching work of the teachers and also improve the student's ability to absorb and practice.

       By separating each level in teaching writing (beginner, intermediate and advanced), Nguyen Thai Lien Chi, MA, has shown each method suitable for teaching writing at each level. At the same time, it also points out particular strengths and weaknesses at each level.

        The event received the attention of lecturers in the Faculty and received many comments, sharing experiences in teaching writing to foreigners when learning Vietnamese as well as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese the languages ​​being taught at the Faculty of Oriental Studies.   


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