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Lac Hong University offers 2000 scholarships worth 22 billion VND for new students of the 2021 cohort

Young people aspire to have the opportunity to study and develop, to have the opportunity to establish themselves and establish a career, so the dream of going to university is a legitimate, earnest, and noble dream of many people. However, the road to that dream is not smooth for candidates in remote areas, candidates with difficult circumstances, and to maintain learning every word and number is a journey with many hardships.

Understand and empathize with the difficulties of the candidates, at the same time, encourage students to achieve high academic achievement. In the academic year 2021 - 2022, Lac Hong University offers 2,000 scholarships worth 22 billion VND for new students of the 2021 cohort who are admitted to the school with the message "LHU gives wings to dreams - reaches the future."

Lac Hong University always aims at a community of studious students with meaningful cultural and humanistic beauties, spreading love intensely and profoundly because Lac Hong University wishes always to take care, practice, share, light up faith, and nurture dreams with students every step of the way to the edge of knowledge with the motto: "Students' happiness is Lac Hong University's happiness."


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