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LHU ranks top 50 Vietnam universities in international publications in 2019

In 2019, research institutes and education establishments in Vietnam had published 12,307 publications according to Scopus Database last updated on February 1, 2020. Accordingly, LHU reached the top 50 of Vietnam universities with most scientific journals published internationally.

LHU is among the top 50 Vietnam universities in international publications in 2019

According to the Scopus database in 2019, publications of Vietnam include 11 types: article and article in press, conference paper, letter, review, book, book chapter, data paper, note, editorial, erratum and short survey. These publications focuses on fields such as  AGRI (Agriculture and Biology), BIOC (Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology), CENG (Chemical Engineering), CHEM (Chemistry), COMP (Computer Science), EART (Earth and Planetary Sciences), ENER (Energy), ENGI (Technology Engineering), ENVI (Environmental Science), MATE (Materials Science), MATH, MEDI (Medicine) and PHYS (Physics).

There were 256 training establishments and institutes having international publications in 2019. However, only the first 50 units published 10,673 articles, accounting for 95.9% of all remaining units (11,118 published).

The total citation of all publications in Vietnam in 2019 had reached 16,211 times. For the above 50 educational institutions, the total citation was 14,357 times, accounting for 88.6%. Accordingly, LHU is among the top 40 universities with the most citations in international publications.

LHU is the first non-public university of Vietnam recognised with AUN-QA standards. This is the only university in Dong Nai province that meets this standard.

The immediate goal of LHU is to become the leading applied university and the international non-public university of Vietnam. Therefore, international cooperation, scientific research and technology transfer activities have been heavily invested and encouraged.


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