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Food Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering (Formerly the Faculty of Chemical and Environment Engineering) is one of the oldest faculties in LHU. It produces graduates in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, materials engineering, food engineering and management. Numerous career opportunities are available to its graduates in a wide range of fields and areas, ranging from technology to management or research activities. The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering offers study at the levels of education as follows:
+ Engineer’s programs (4.5 years)
  • + Associate’s programs (3 years)
  • + Intermediate professional education programs (18 months)
  • At present, the Faculty provides undergraduate education with four main programs:
  • + Food Engineering
  • + Chemical Engineering
  • + Environment Engineering
  • + Biotechnology
  • Throughout the years, the Faculty has significantly contributed to the development of the city, province and to the advancement of education in the nation.
  • Members of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering
Faculty Management Board
TS. Lê Thị Thu Hương - Trưởng khoa
DSc. Le Thi Thu Huong
Email: lethuhuong1976@yahoo.com
Phó khoa- ThS. Lê Phú Đông
Le Phu Dong, MSc
Vice Dean

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