Workshop for undergraduates "Abbott Career Opportunities"

    Recently, the Faculty of Pharmacy, LHU in cooperation with Abbott Company organized a workshop for undergraduates "Abbott Career Opportunities", attracting a large number of its students.

    The program was attended by representatives from Abbott company including Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Yen – Senior Talent Recruitment and Attraction Manager; Ms. Hoang Mai Chi – Senior Human Resources Manager, Health Channel HR partner; Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh - Marketing Development Manager of Medical Channels, Nutritional Goods Industry. On the side of LHU, there were MBA. Huynh Thuc Hieu - Deputy Director of Center for Admissions and Public Relations, MSc. Hoang Duc Thuan - Lecturer of Faculty of Pharmacy, lecturers and students of the 2018 course.

    Speakers of Abbott Company shared and revealed career opportunities for students of Pharmacy Faculty

    During the workshop, speakers generally introduced their company's development journey and achievements to the participants. They also shared necessary skills required for fresh graduates, cleared all questions about vacancies, instructed students how to overcome difficulties,... Students also had the opportunity to listen to the sharing of interview experience, the job positions currently recruiting at the Abbott Company.

    Also at the program, Abbott Company sponsored VND 40 million for the University to organize career orientation activities for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

    A large number of students attended the workshop

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