Start-up Exchange Program


    Start-up Exchange Program

    In the morning of November 30, LHU in cooperation with Business Forum Newspaper under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) successfully organized Start-up Exchange Program for youth and students in Dong Nai province, attracting the participation of delegates and students at all levels. The program lied in National Start-up Program framework.

    The program saw the special presence of Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuan - Editor-in-Chief of Business Forum Newspaper- Standing Head of Start-up Program - VCCI, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hien - Standing Vice Chairwoman of Dong Nai Youth Union, successful entrepreneurs including Doctor Nguyen Huu Tung - Chairman of Directors of Tam Tri Sai Gon Hospital - Chairman of Advisory Board of Sai Gon International Medical University, Mr. Tran Tien Duy- Director of Nhat Huy Khang Company, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan - Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Import and Export Association - Alumnus of LHU, Mr. Ho Duc Thanh - Chairman of Board of Directors of D2D Joint Stock Company.

    Distinguished guests at the exchange program (Photo: Hai Quan)

    The exhange program was a useful opportunity for youth and students to exchange and learn experience from successful entrepreneurs. It was also a place to inspire ideas, creative products; speed up start-up movements, creativeness, and engrossment of youth in Dong Nai in particular and nearby provinces in general. At the event, the participants were provided with knowledge, experience, skills for start-ups through activities such as finding business ideas, making projects, persuading investors ... The participants also received advice from successful entrepreneurs during the program.

    LHU students enthusiastically asked invitees questions. (Photo: Hai Quan)

    According to Dr. Nguyen Van Tan - Dean of International Business Administration - LHU, this was a meaningful program for students. From March, LHU successfully organized Start-up Contest, selecting five best projects to join in National Start-up contest. The University also opened 10 start-up classes with the participation of 700 students. 500 of them were awarded certificates of completion. As for expenses, LHU invited the Dongnai Young Enterprise Association to establish sponsor fund VND 2 billion for start-up projects. LHU also invited the Department of Planning and Investment to instruct students how to establish company, tax code, ...

    Also at the program, the Organization Board revealed prize structure for best start-up projects including One First prize worth VND 100 million (VND 30 million in cash, VND 70 million in proportion to training courses of CEO, start-up and soft -skills), Two Second worth VND 40 million (VND 10 million in cash, VND 30 million for training courses as above), Three Third worth VND 15 million (VND 5 million in cash VND 10 million for training courses as above).

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