Enchanting practical experiences of Tourism and Travel Management students at Ma Da and Tri An Lake

    On October 25-26, 2023, the new batch of students from the Tourism and Travel Management major, AIE at Lac Hong University, began their learning journey with a memorable field trip to the Ma Da Forest and Tri An Lake. The journey not only provided valuable knowledge about tourism, but also opened a door of discovery, stimulated creativity, and fostered team bonding.

     The trip began with a classroom session, where the new students were introduced by Mr. Dang Minh Thuat to the interesting and captivating things that they would encounter during the trip. The first stop on the journey was the Ma Da Forest, where the students were able to immerse themselves in the wonderful natural environment. Together with local experts, the students explored the diverse flora and fauna in the area, and gained an appreciation for the importance of protecting and maintaining the ecosystem.

    The next part of the journey was the experience of SUP boat tours on Tri An Lake. The students not only learned the techniques of SUP boating, but also enjoyed the picturesque and serene scenery of the lake. This was an excellent opportunity for the new students to apply the theoretical knowledge from the classroom into practical experience, while also creating unforgettable memories.


    In the evening, the students experienced a camping trip at Tri An Lake, that created a friendly and close-knit atmosphere. They gathered around the campfire, shared stories, and enjoyed a delightful outdoor meal. The gala dinner at Tri An Lake in the evening was the perfect way to motivate the new students, with a romantic decorative setting and lively music.

    During the follow-up meeting after the field trip, many students expressed their happiness and excitement. Le Minh, a first-year student, shared, "This was a wonderful experience! I've learned so much more about tourism and how we can preserve the beauty of nature."

    This practical field trip was not only an opportunity for students to learn about their profession, but also a platform for them to develop their life skills and teamwork abilities. With positive impressions and strong connections, the field trip has proven that learning does not only happen in the classroom, but in every corner of real-life experiences.

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