Tourism and Travel Service Management Major: Adapting to the work environment at enterprises.


    The faculty leadership presented flowers and thank-you letters to the Thai Loan Travel Company.

    Recently, the Tourism and Travel Management Club, Lac Hong University organized a meeting, connecting with the Thai Loan travel company.

    The exchange program this time was attended by:

    Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Head of the AIE;

    Ms. Ta Thi Thanh Huong - Deputy Head of the AIE

    Mr. Phan Van Hai - Head of the Tourism Management Department

    Mr. Vu Duc Cuong - Head of the Tourism Operations and Guidance Department;

    Mr. Vo Thai Sinh - Business Relations Department of AIE

    Students in the Tourism and Travel Management major take commemorative photos with the guest speakers.

    AIE  actively connects, visits, and works with Thai Loan Travel Company to help students in the Tourism and Travel Management, the AIE gain practical knowledge related to the field, learn soft skills, plan work, manage time, polish their manners, adapt to the corporate environment and culture, work in teams, work independently, handle work pressure, integrate into the community, and develop their own capabilities...

    Thai Loan Travel Company is a dynamic environment that meets the industry's demands, providing an ideal real-world experience where students can develop their current field of study.

    During the discussion between the school and the business, they outlined the direction for cooperation and development. Modern education must combine theory with practice, meet the requirements and demands of reality, with the goal of forming and developing practical skills for learners. Sometimes, actions must exceed learning, helping learners gain real experiences and hands-on practice.

    To achieve the goals, training programs and development strategies are implemented. For the benefit of both parties. Through this partnership, the AIE at Lac Hong University can enhance the quality of education, producing graduates who have practical experience. On the business side, they can utilize a stable, high-quality workforce. Aimed at long-term cooperation, they can provide society with products closely linked to practical requirements, meeting the needs of the labor market, helping businesses improve the quality of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

    The working session is crucial in enhancing the quality of education, helping graduates in Tourism Service Management and Travel quickly adapt to the market.

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