Tourism and Travel Service Management - Study "chill", no need to worry about jobs.

    Countless journeys are waiting for you.

    Known as the "smokeless industry", so if you choose the Tourism and Travel Management major, besides the knowledge learned in the classroom, you also have the opportunity to experience journeys through day and night, across continents. Especially studying Tourism and Travel Management at Lac Hong University, countless trips are waiting for you. What's more exciting than traveling to broaden your horizons, participating in games that I guarantee will be unforgettable memories. And who knows, through these trips, you might find your "crush."

    Going on trips, what about knowledge?

    What else, you also get practical experience as an active guide to grasp more aspects of knowledge and insight in your field while always caring about the environment, community, and society,... Not just experiential trips, but through that, you will learn numerous skills and professional knowledge such as: tour guiding skills, tour design, tour management and operation, event design and management in tourism,... Learning knowledge, traveling, and finding your other half. Haven't even started and already seeing the benefits. Let's take a look at some images and video clips to witness how the students of the previous course have experienced the wonderful moments of youth.

    Students enthusiastically participate in hands-on experiences at Suoi Mo 

    Students participate in teambuilding activities in the lively atmosphere of Vung Tau

    …Or visit the Bao Dai Palace during their field trip to Da Lat.

    How's graduation going?

    Studying Tourism and Travel Management with countless trips and valuable experiences, but what about job opportunities? Don't worry, here are some of the fields that Lac Hong University has signed cooperation agreements with many leading businesses in Dong Nai province such as Golden Palace Conference and Wedding Center, Aurora Hotel, Thai Loan Travel Company, Traditional Vietnamese Travel Company,... From here, students have opportunities for visits, internships, problem-solving for employment, as well as organizing specialized workshops to improve training quality and develop tourism for the province.

    The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement with leading businesses 

    What are you waiting for? Come to the Tourism and Travel Management major. Lac Hong University will be the luggage for students to accumulate practical knowledge, create favorable conditions for you to work and study in the future.

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