The Tourism and Travel Management Major impressed with a flower-filled motorbike.

    Lac Hong University is known for the diversity of its students, and recently, students from the Tourism and Travel Management Major, AIE, have impressively demonstrated their creativity. Specifically, these students decided to recreate a special symbol of Hanoi - the flower-filled motorbike representing the autumn season. They prepared well in advance, collecting flowers and collaboratively creating a unique version of this vehicle


    This nice small motorbike was decorated with thousands of red, orange, yellow, white, and purple flowers. The students worked with passion, from arranging the flowers to decorating the vehicle, to ensure it embodied the wonderful autumn spirit of Hanoi and conveyed the sentiments of the Tourism and Travel Management students.

    The vehicle was brought to Lac Hong University (LHU)’s facilities, attracted a large number of students and lecturers. Everyone was captivated by the vibrant, elegant, and refined beauty of the flower-covered vehicle, which was also poetic, romantic, and deeply evocative. The story of a flower-filled vehicle carrying the love and autumn spirit of the Tourism and Travel Management students has become a great source of inspiration for everyone here, and reminded them of the significance of love and unity in life.

    As autumn arrives, people will remember this special flower-filled vehicle at LHU and the memorable moments it has brought, proving that love and creativity can make the world a warmer and more charming place.


    Cre: AIE


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