Meeting of the Advisory Board of Enterprises and Alumni - Tourism and Travel Management Major


    With the aim of building a thriving tourism industry connected with enterprises as well as collecting feedback from alumni, on January 11, 2024, the AIE, Lac Hong University organized a discussion session with the Advisory Board of enterprises and alumni of the Tourism and Travel Management major. Participating in the discussion were members of the Advisory Board from enterprises: Mr. Tran Dang Ninh, Chairman of the Dong Nai Tourism Association, Mr. Le Quyet Thang, representative of the Dong Nai Young Entrepreneurs Association, Ms. Nguyen Thai Tuong Van, Director of Thai Loan Travel Company, and many reputable tourism enterprises in the area, such as E Skills Co., Ltd. and Penguin Travel Services Joint Stock Company.


    Mr. Tran Dang Ninh - Chairman of the Dong Nai Tourism Association (standing in the middle) received a thank-you letter and a gift of appreciation from LHU.

    The purpose of the discussion session was to create an open forum to provide feedback and propose measures to improve and support the development of the Tourism and Travel Management major at Lac Hong University, strengthen its connection with enterprises, and create more opportunities for tourism students to gain practical experience. The key contents of this meeting were:

    • Providing feedback and proposing measures to build a stronger tourism industry.
    • Enhancing the connection between enterprises, alumni, and the university's tourism program.
    • Proposing solutions to create favorable conditions for tourism students to do internships and develop their careers.


    Mr. Phan Van Hai, Who is The Master's Representative of the Tourism and Travel Management major, reported on the activities of the major.

    During the discussion session, the representatives from enterprises and alumni provided candid and constructive feedback to help the Faculty organize the tourism program's activities better in the coming time. We hope that through close collaboration between all parties, we can create a favorable environment for the development of the tourism program at Lac Hong University, and bring great benefits to both enterprises and students.

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