The smokeless industry sector advocates for cooperation, affirming its role in Dong Nai province.

    For a long time, Dong Nai has been known as a province with strengths in industry, attracting FDI... no one ever thought that Dong Nai would be a leading province in tourism. Not only that, Dong Nai is paving its own way, asserting its position on the map of Vietnamese tourism, that is ecotourism.

    Looking at the areas, tourist spots that are already operating, most of them are ecotourism and resort types. We can mention famous ecotourism spots like: Buu Long Tourist Area, Giang Dien Waterfall, Mo Spring, Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Cultural and Natural Conservation Area, not to mention a series of other ecotourism projects that are being invested billions of dong to be urgently completed and put into operation, serving tourists. Dong Nai tourism has many resources that are considered quite rich and diverse such as forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls... Dong Nai tourism also has a great advantage with a convenient transportation network, many key traffic routes passing through like National Highway 1, National Highway 20, National Highway 51, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, Long Thanh International Airport and many other expressways.

    The province's tourism is developing, so what are the opportunities for tourism students? The concerns and worries are not only for students but especially for the teachers participating in teaching the Tourism and Travel Management Department under the Faculty of AIE, Lac Hong University... the concerns are clearly shown in internships, job opportunities after graduation, expanding and connecting with tourism associations in the province, neighboring provinces to help students feel secure about their major, stable and long-term job prospects, aiming towards the development of provincial tourism.

    A representative of the Dong Nai Provincial Tourism Association (On the right) had a conversation with the AIE.

    The desire is to share and receive support from businesses, associations, and relevant tourism units. The Tourism and Hospitality Management sector has collaborated with the department's leadership and the business relations department to seek and connect units to develop training programs, supply human resources, and address employment issues for students. It can be seen that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a very serious impact on the tourism industry nationwide and specifically in Dong Nai province. To overcome these difficulties, in line with the province's tourism development strategy and plan, the collective of faculty members in the Tourism and Hospitality Management sector at Lac Hong University has been making continuous efforts, enhancing relationships, and strengthening diplomatic ties. Mention can be made of the visit to congratulate the New Year of the following esteemed teachers:

    1. Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Head of the AIE;
    2. Mr. Phan Van Hai - Head of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Department;
    3. Mr. Vu Duc Cuong - Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management;
    4. Mr. Vo Thai Sinh - Business Relations Department of the AIE.

    The AIE organized a delegation to visit and wish the units a happy new year.

    Units that the AIE visited and congratulated, can be mentioned as Dong Nai Tourism Joint Stock Company; Dong Nai Tourism Association; Thai Loan Travel Company; Tri An Adventure Travel Company; Central Park Hotel.

    Regarding Dong Nai Tourism Joint Stock Company, the representative shared: "The job opportunities in the tourism industry are very diverse, such as becoming a specialist working in state agencies, for example, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Local tourism management, National Administration of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, ... If you love teaching and research, you can work at training and research institutions such as lecturers at universities, colleges, researchers,... and many other jobs at travel companies, enterprises with tourism departments, restaurants, hotels, resorts, vacation areas, etc. Besides, the characteristic quality that a tourism worker must have is caring for others, being a good listener, sensitive, empathetic, constantly improving communication skills, behavior, handling situations, ... Especially, good communication skills in foreign languages are necessary, as well as a rich and comprehensive knowledge of cultural and social fields.

    With the current demand for social labor force, finding a job is not difficult. Instead of worrying, you should immediately start preparing the necessary conditions before entering the labor market to have career opportunities. The company commits to support, cooperate with departments and industries to build long-term, sustainable strategies."

    The conversation took place at the Dong Nai Tourism Joint Stock Company.

    The trip to visit and celebrate the new year of the delegation has gradually completed the training program, plans, and orientation of the department, increasing opportunities for students, helping the Tourism and Travel Management industry of Lac Hong University to develop further, standing shoulder to shoulder with other units in education and training.

    Dr. Nguyễn Văn Tân - Head of the AIE, along with Mr. Châu Văn Nguyện - Vice Chairman of the Dong Nai Provincial Business Association

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