Tourism and Travel Management Major: What is Lac Hong University doing to ensure employment for their students?

    It can be said that since the beginning of choosing a major, choosing a school, the issue of employment has always been a concern and worry for any parent and student. Understanding that concern, Lac Hong University not only continuously improves the quality of teaching, enhances training programs, but also always finds solutions to ensure that parents and students are always at ease when studying at the University. The most effective solution nowadays is to collaborate with leading units. That is why despite being one of the "latecomer" majors of the Faculty of AIE, among the 5 majors of the Faculty, the Tourism and Travel Management major is leading in signing cooperation agreements with businesses.

    LHU has signed a cooperation agreement with the Golden Palace Conference and Wedding Center.

    Some of the businesses that the university has signed agreements with include:

    Students gain practical learning experience at the Central Park Hotel.

    The collaboration between the school and businesses doesn't just stop at signing agreements. Even though this major was only introduced in 2019, the contents of the agreement have been implemented through programs for students currently studying at the school. These include specialized activities to help students adapt to the work environment in businesses while still studying, participating in internships at businesses, providing feedback on training programs or solving additional employment issues for students, finding internships that match students's desires, etc.

    The Thai Loan Travel Company came to the University to share how to adapt to the work environment for students.

    In the future, the issue of employment for this first class also promises to achieve specific expected results through the department's activities such as: surveying the needs and requirements for labor of enterprises, surveying the internship situation at the unit, inviting businesses to evaluate students' graduation reports, and finally surveying the job search needs of students. Because the ultimate goal of LHU is still to train generations of students to meet the requirements of employers, how to make students satisfied with their jobs rather than just finding jobs for students.


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