Proposal for Establishing and Developing an Ecotourism and Agricultural Tourism Model in Long Khanh City

    On October 26, 2023, at the People's Committee of Long Khanh City - Dong Nai, the AIE, Lac Hong University presented the second draft of the Proposal for Establishing and Developing an Ecotourism and Agricultural Tourism Model in Long Khanh City. This reporting session aimed to discuss and gather feedback from delegates, departments, local authorities, and the relevant community in building a sustainable ecotourism and agricultural tourism model.

    According to the Proposal Draft, the main objective is to create an ecotourism and agricultural tourism model that brings economic, social, and environmental benefits to the local area. This would also contribute to increasing incomes, enhancing agricultural production values for farming households, and promoting the sustainable development of the city's tourism industry.

    A key content proposed in the Proposal is to establish agricultural tourism cooperative models in local areas. By creating linkages between farming households, businesses, and the local community, this model aims to enhance competitiveness, improve the quality of tourism products and services, thereby attracting tourists and creating sustainable income sources for the community.

    Another key content of the Proposal is to develop ecotourism garden models for farming households to expand their tourism offerings. By exploiting and developing the potential of agricultural gardens across Long Khanh City, the ecotourism garden model will create unique experiences for visitors, while also promoting environmental conservation and preserving traditional culture.



    The presentation of the Proposal Draft was attended by the Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Long Khanh City, Tăng Quốc Lập, and members of the city's tourism development steering committee, relevant departments, representatives of local areas, and farming households who actively participated in the discussion, sharing opinions and contributing ideas to finalize the Proposal.

    After the presentation, the feedback and proposals from the meeting will be evaluated and integrated into the final version of the Proposal. This ensures diverse participation and consensus from the stakeholders, providing a solid foundation for the successful development of the ecotourism and agricultural tourism model in Long Khanh City


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