Tourism and Hospitality Management - The "Smokeless Industry"

    Dubbed the "Smokeless Industry", the Tourism and Travvel Management Major is attracting more and more interest from young people. This is one of the leading fields in terms of human resource demand and high salaries.

    What's interesting about studying Tourism & Travel Service Management?


    Students in the Tourism and Travel Management major have a wealth of knowledge about culture, life, and history. The working environment is dynamic, with many opportunities to visit different places. They get to communicate and make friends with many new people; the working environment is open, dynamic, and full of challenges. Students will have opportunities to:

    - Access training programs updated according to the development trends of the Tourism and Travel Management Major in the region and worldwide.

    - Experience studying on long trips across the country, to new lands to explore natural landscapes, cuisine, culture, customs, and people at the destination.

    Students participate in practical professional internships in Da Lat

    In addition, students can do tasks related to tour operation - routes; coordinate tour guides; work with information receiving departments; design inbound and outbound tours; organize tourism events.

    Students visit and experience real-life activities at Suoi Mo tourism area

    Acquire rich and diverse knowledge about the culture, life, customs, and history of the destination.

    Improve multilingual communication skills, critical thinking skills, and effective problem-solving skills.

    Ability to organize, manage, and arrange work: know how to coordinate and arrange suitable tasks.

    Build close relationships with the business community, local community...

    What do graduates of the Tourism and Travel Management Major do?

    Graduates of the Tourism and Travel Management Major can confidently work in positions such as:

    - Tour guides or specialists in accommodation, marketing, customer care, conference organization - events

    - Management - operation - tour design at companies in and outside the country or non-governmental organizations, specialists at Departments, Boards, Sectors related to Tourism

    - Research, teaching about tourism at training institutions, research...

    Especially, you can also assert your abilities by independently managing a business model. Establishing your own tourism - travel service company is one of the trends that many people prefer to choose.

    So, why hesitate any longer, quickly come to the Tourism and Service Management Major at Lac Hong University. The admissions department is always ready to help and support you. Contact us at the phone number: 0915.407.798 (Mr. Hai).

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