Cooperative development with Aurora Hotel, an opportunity for students in the Tourism and Travel Management major.


    The scene of the cooperative exchange at Aurora Hotel in Bien Hoa.

    At 2:00 PM on April 5, 2022, the Tourism and Traval Management Department, AIE, Lac Hong University organized a meeting and networking session with Aurora Hotel - Bien Hoa.

    The tour and collaboration this time included the participation of:

    Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Head of the AIE;

     Mr. Nguyen Van Trung - Director of the Enrollment and Public Relations Center; 

    Mr. Vu Duc Cuong - Head of the tourism practice and guidance department; 

    Mr. Vo Thai Sinh - Business relations of the AIE

    The department actively connects, visits, and works with Aurora Hotel to help students in the Tourism and Travel Management major, AIE gain practical knowledge related to the field, learn soft skills, plan work, time management, etiquette training, adapt to the corporate environment and culture, teamwork skills, independent work, job pressure handling skills, community integration skills, and personal capacity development...

    The two sides share their goals and development orientations.

    The Aurora Hotel is a dynamic environment that caters to the industry, providing an ideal practical experience where students can develop their current field of study. It is known as the first and only 4-star hotel in Bien Hoa City.

    In the discussion between the school and the business, they mentioned the direction of cooperation and building. Modern education requires a balance between theory and practice, meeting the demands and requirements of reality, with the goal of forming and developing practical skills for learners. Sometimes, experience must outweigh theory to help learners gain real experiences and hands-on practice.

    A commemorative photo between the professors from Lac Hong University and Ms. Uy Lam, the representative of Aurora Hotel.

    To achieve the goals, the training program as well as the development strategy. For the benefit of both sides. From this connection, the AIE, Lac Hong University has more conditions to improve the quality of training, to produce graduates who have practical experience. On the business side, they will be able to utilize high-quality, stable human resources. Aimed at long-term cooperation, bringing to society products closely related to practical requirements, meeting the needs of the labor market, helping businesses improve the quality of human resources, and establishing a competitive advantage in the market.

    The working session is significant in improving the quality of training, helping bachelor's degree students in the field of Tourism and Travel Management to quickly adapt to the market.

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