What do we need to make a solid start-up? Talk at Dong Nai Television Station

    In the past few years, innovative entrepreneurship has brought about strong development steps, boosting the economic growth. One of the core factors for a successful innovation start-up is cooperation, resource sharing and mutual support to innovate and grow together. The building of a sustainable innovation ecosystem will create a favorable environment for the incubation and development of Innovation ideas. However, it is not easy to create and build this ecosystem.

    Responding to the National Startup movement, recognizing the essential and important role of the innovative entrepreneurship, Lac Hong University - Aspiration leads, has been building a startup development strategy, arousing passion, fascinated for teachers and students while studying and working at the school. At the forefront of his work, Start-up activities of Lac Hong University (LHU), Dr. Nguyen Van Tan – Dean of Faculty of Administration - International Economics, with his own knowledge and experience, has created a new wind, conveying his passion and desire for success to the students, lecturers of LHU. He is a pioneer in the movement, with the title of Head of Start-up Training Department for LHU, member of the Southern Startup Advisory and Support Council, founding the Entrepreneurship Club, organized classes 3-level start-up, awarded more than 500 certificates of Business Start-up to students who are studying at the school, always creating conditions for students to develop, nurture their passions from  orginal ideas, apply innovation from science and technology...

    With the topic "What to do? For a solid Start-up ” at Dong Nai Television Station, Dr. Nguyen Van Tan shared his thoughts.

    I am honored, happy to be given the opportunity by the TV station, sitting here sharing the most realistic things that I have gone through and developing and improving each day. Dong Nai is one of the fertile lands, developed with more than 30 industrial zones, with many companies and factories, is one of the key economic regions in the South, so there are opportunities to do business. The market position is very suitable for the enterprise to develop strongly and strongly, creating a breakthrough.

    Vietnam's business and trading activities have been around for a long time, but since 2016, Start-up in Vietnam have grown up thanks to the Government's support that the private economy is an important factor. From central to local level, made a series of decisions such as 844 start-up promotion, 1665 decision to start-up with students, decision 939 on women to start-up... In the past time, Lac Hong University has put Start-up in the training program, 100% of graduates must go through training, the products the students created while studying at the school want to be accepted by the market for commercialization.

    I myself have participated in many national start-up programs, I realize that in you students can create a lot of products, especially students in engineering, but for commerce in the market, the key stage is to create value from students to market value. Therefore, when you create products, there will be a chain to access the market, Dr. Nguyen Van Tan wants more of you to be entrepreneurs in the future, requiring you to understand and understand what an businessman is? The first is to test your entrepreneurial ability, the second is to establish industrial property rights to the product... so that you can stand firmly in the market, creating your own brand.

    Specifically, the project "Electric wheelchairs" by students of Lac Hong University, has just received the first prize in the community service engineering project competition (EPICS), convincing victory over 35 projects of other universities, a practical and highly community-based project of 6 students: 1. Đinh Tuấn Anh (Leader), 2. Phan Thị Thanh San, 3. Vương Thị Mỹ Hân, 4. Đặng Ngọc Tài, 5. Trần Trọng Bằng, 6. Bùi Thị Diễm.

    “To help the group of people with disabilities in their daily living and activities, the team proposes an electric wheelchair solution with improvements in comfort compared to existing equipment and an affordable price. The project adjusts the wheelchair to make it easier for the user to control, and at the same time integrates a solar panel, which is both used to store energy for the vehicle when moving, and as a roof for the user”.

    Accordingly, in order to help the group of people with disabilities in making a living and doing daily activities, the group proposes an electric wheelchair solution with improvements in comfort compared to existing equipment and a reasonable price. The project adjusts the wheelchair for easier control by the user, and at the same time integrates a solar panel, both used to store energy for the vehicle when moving, and as a roof for the user.

    Specifically, the group reclaimed the surplus of wheelchairs that were wasted by many people who did not use it, attaching 2 more motors to the 2 rear wheels that drive according to the chain method. The car has 2 control methods: control by the handle (Joystick) and control by tilting the head.

    “When you choose one of the above two types of control, the car's processor will receive a signal from the handlebar or the headset (with sensors available) will analyze and recognize the user's request to control the 2 engines. . The car's energy is taken from a battery located under the seat, and has an additional solar battery to help extend the distance and protect the user from sun and rain. At the same time, if the vehicle is damaged, the equipment is easy to find in the market, so it is inexpensive and the replacement time is faster than imported wheelchairs. The price of the car is 7-8 times cheaper than the price of imported electric cars," shared Dinh Tuan Anh (team leader).

    The Epics competition gave me as well as the whole team a lot of experience in teamwork, work arrangements, as well as directions to develop products to fit the needs of users. I personally feel that Epics is a very good contest that helps students experience and practice English as well as see many problems that need to be solved in practice.

    Sharing at the TV station, it is known that Tuan Anh formed his idea when he was in 11th grade, when his own knowledge was not enough, as well as his ability to work was not good to create the best product, during your undergraduate studies at Lac Hong University, you have added more knowledge about electromechanical engineering, learned how to control the operation of electric motors, thereby continuing to develop the project with the idea that was hatched long brewed. In addition, I also participated in many competitions at the school, gained more experience and found companions to walk with me on the path of passion, desire for success and the meeting between the members was a chance, each individual is a strong point, an individual with sufficient capacity and knowledge to cooperate and develop... Promoting his role as team leader, Tuan Anh always encourages and encourages Team spirit, appropriate time division for you, specific identification, is the brother who goes ahead with the amount of knowledge and experience that is always conveyed to the members, bringing the project to complete success. complete…

    Participating in the program were Ms. Hoang Thi Kim Anh, a former student of the Faculty of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, sharing her experience after many years of success with An Hoa plaster products.


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