Faculty of Administration and International Economics (AIE): Student day, specialized club establishment


    To meet the needs of students and lecturers inside and outside the Faculty to learn, improve and develop knowledge, and entertain on professional topics. The Faculty of AIE has established the Faculty’s specialized club, and the English name is AIE’s profession according to the students’ wishes. With the approval of the University’s Leaders, the club was launched in time at the Student Day of the Faculty of AIE at 8:00, March 21, 2021 at  Physical Education Center of school. Attending, the Faculty of AIE had Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Dean of Faculty, Ms. Ta Thi Thanh Huong - Lecturer, Master. Mr. Vo Anh Phuc - Lecturer, Master, Mr. MSc. Vu Duc Cuong - Lecturer, Master, along with many other teachers; On the side of Lac Hong University, there were Mr. Le Son Quang - Secretary of Youth Union of Lac Hong University. Mr. Tran Tien - President of Lac Hong University’s student union and more than 400 students also attended.

    The opening scene with the participation of teachers, officials of the Union - Association and more than 400 students attended.

    The club operates with 04 majors: Business Administration, Economics Law, Economics - Foreign Trade and Travel and Tourism Management. In the context of a solemn, joyful and bustling opening, the board of directors, management and members of the club, in turn, debuted, promising to put the club into operation, deploying Projects and ideas to serve the development and entertainment needs of students with different majors will make the club go up and develop further...

    Mr. Vo Anh Phuc directed the Economic Law Club to hand over the establishment decision to the club’s members

    Under the direction of Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Dean of the Faculty of AIE. In the ceremony of the club, he said: “The Club is created by you, you have the right to own it, the right to raise your own initiative, the right to learn and develop”. Understanding the thoughts and aspirations of the students, the Faculty’s leaders always listen and convey all they can to you, with the desire that the club will operate strongly, be a useful playground, and create a healthy environment to study, develop their own capacity, requires specialized clubs to promote their role as the locomotive, as a bridge between students and the school, always having ideas and building plans in order to make “AIE’S PROFESSION CLUB” truly a useful and meaningful club. Dr. Nguyen Van Tan always upholds the spirit of self-study and creativity, encouraging each specialized club to organize a program or event twice a month, especially Market Place associated with the Business Administration club will is a periodic market for students’ booths to operate, with their products and services, accumulate sales experience and business ability of young people. The Economic Law Club will come into operation with contests to learn about the law, practice sessions at courts with many topical dispute cases… In addition, the Economics - Foreign Trade Club and Travel and Tourism Management require dynamism, enthusiasm, building effective and practical projects.

    Mr. Dr. Nguyen Van Tan - Dean of Faculty of AIE gave a directing speech at the launching ceremony of “AIE'S PROFESSION CLUB".

    The students are excited and touched. From now on, they will be able to experience, participate in activities, play, and learn simultaneously. Knowledge has never been so attractive but accessible, and lecturers will have more time to grasp students' strengths and limitations, thereby teaching and transmitting knowledge more closely. Nguyen Tan Phat, a student of class 19 QT111 said: “My friends and I are delighted and excited! The club will be a place for us to have fun, study, develop our capacity... I am very grateful for the attention and facilitation of the School's Board of Directors, Faculty's Board of Directors, and lecturers. The lecturers of the Faculty have given me and my friends such a rewarding learning and development environment. I will try to study and promote my learning spirit to contribute to building a strong club. and grow more!"

    Nguyen Tan Phat - class 19QT111 shares his feeling
    Youth Union - Student Union of Faculty of AIE is the core force, a shining example for students at the ceremony, the launching ceremony of "AIE'S PROFESSION CLUB".


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