Talk "Startup Journey"

    The Startup Club of Faculty of Administration - International Economics, LHU on January 22 held an online talk "Start-up journey", attracting the participation of faculty leaders, lecturers and more than 500 students of Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Administration - International Economics, Faculty of Oriental Studies and Faculty of English Language. Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Lan also attended the program.

    The talk specially saw the presence of speakers and distinguished guests including 

    + Mr. Nguyen Cao Anh Tuan - Director of Vietnam CSR Agency Co., Ltd, Alumnus of Faculty of Administration and International Economics, with the project "Bien Hoa HR Training" that won the Second prize of the National Startup Competition in 2017;

    + Ms. Hoang Thi Kim Anh - Director of An Hoa Hung Agricultural Cooperative, Former student of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, with the project "An Xa An Hoa poultice" that won the 2019 Luong Dinh Cua Award, First prize at the Dong Nai province Women’s Startup Contest 2020 and Second prize in the Dong Nai Startup Innovative Contest 2020; 

    + Ms. Le Thi Cam Van - Director of Vfarm Trading Service Co., Ltd, Alumna of the Faculty of Finance - Accounting, winning the First prize at the Dong Nai Women's Startup Contest 2021 with the project "Van Huong herbal incense";

    + Mr. Dinh Tuan Anh - Student of Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, with the Automov project that won First prize at the EPICS contest, First prize at the CIC 2021, and the Top 10 National Startup Competition 2021;

    and Dr. Nguyen Van Tan - Member of the Vietnam Startup Mentors Alliance (VSMA), Member of the Southern Startup Support and Advisory Council, Dean of Faculty of Administration and International Economics.

    Speaker Le Thi Cam Van shared her entrepreneurial journey at the talk

    The "Startup Journey" talk gave the participants the opportunity to exchange startup stories with successful entrepreneurs. During the program, the speakers shared their startup journey that they had experienced from starting a business, times of failure, times of hardship, difficulties and even tears to glory and their own success. Besides the knowledge and experience about entrepreneurship, the speakers shared many meaningful messages and sincere suggestions and spread the passion for entrepreneurship to LHU students. They also answered students' questions at the program.

    Reportedly, the students attending the talk will be awarded certificates by the Organizer, adding useful knowledge and value to their personal profiles.

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