Students studying Tourism and Travel Management (TTM)

    Students studying Tourism and Travel Management (TTM) have the opportunity to earn a decent income and enhance their professional skills while still in education


    Freshmen and sophomores majoring in Tourism and Travel Management participate in practical training on tours at Hoang Dang Travel Company.

    Nowaday, the tourism industry is booming with a demand for high-quality manpower. Therefore, the AIE has provided opportunities for students majoring in TTM to participate in practical training sessions alongside affiliated companies. This programme is specifically designed for freshmen and sophomores, as well as seniors, to help them earn money and enhance their professional skills while still in school.

    Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy (on the right) a sophomore majoring in TTM and Travel participated in a practical study tour for students.

    These weekend internship sessions are designed to help students balance between studying and working. This way, they not only gain practical knowledge about the industry, but also experience valuable skills like customer communication, time management, and handling unexpected situations.

    Nguyen Minh Dat (on the left) - a sophomore majoring in TTM - joined a practical study tour with Hoang Dang Phat Travel Company along with other students.

    One highlight of this internship program is that partner companies provide financial support and tips from customers to students when participating in the internship. This not only provides income for students to cover personal living expenses, but also motivates them to continue to work hard.

    Freshmen participated in practical training by assisting tours for Bien Hoa Star Company.

    Thanks to real-life experience, students can apply theoretical knowledge directly to the work environment. This helps students grasp the working process in the tourism industry, from preparation and planning to handling unexpected situations. Skills like teamwork, negotiation, and customer management are also honed through these internships.

    The internship program for tour guides for students majoring in TTM is a great opportunity to earn money, accumulate experience, and develop professional skills. With financial support from partner companies, along with tips from customers, students can confidently step into the job market after graduation, feeling assured with the knowledge and skills they have acquired.


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