Tourism and Travel Management - A Promising Non-Smoking Industry.

    Our Party and State have determined: Tourism is a "smokeless industry" that has many potential development opportunities with high demand for human resources and job opportunities. In particular, the field of Tourism and Travel Management has been a field of study that attracts the attention of a large number of young people who like to explore and have open-mined, flexible and dynamic personalities.

    To help students have a basis for career orientation and choosing the right industry, in this article, Lac Hong University (LHU) will help you have an overview of the field of Travel and Tourism Management (TTM). 


    What is Tourism and Travel Management?

    Tourism and Travel Management is a field of study that includes activities related to the process of tourism management and operation. Besides being in charge of assigning work and managing the work of groups of tour guides, graduates of this major are also responsible for designing, managing and operating the work of  many other departments and divisions to develop tourism products.

    What do students majoring in Tourism and Travel Management do after graduating?

    The Tourism and Travel Management major opens up a series of attractive career opportunities for students after graduation.

    According to statistics from the General Department of Tourism (Ministry of Culture - Sports - Tourism), each year the entire Tourism and Travel Management industry needs nearly 40,000 more workers. However, the number of students graduating with this major is only about 15,000 people/year, of which only more than 12% have college or university degrees or higher. Thus, with a large labor demand, graduates can choose to work in the following specific fields:

    Tour guide, tour operator, event organizer, marketing, tour sales in tourism...

    Operations and Administration at domestic and international travel companies.

    Experts at Departments, Boards and branches in the field of tourism.

    Research and teach about tourism at training facilities, universities, colleges, research institutes, universities, colleges... across the country.

    Develop your own travel and tourism service business projects...


    Why should you study Tourism and Travel Management at Lac Hong University?

    Studying Tourism and Travel Management at Lac Hong University brings many notable benefits and advantages.

    Here are some reasons you should choose Lac Hong University to study this major:

    Quality training program that emphasizes practicality: Lac Hong University provides a quality training program, aiming at AUN standards, with a flexibly designed curriculum, students are completely proactive and flexible in their learning. Arranging study time and participating in practical experience tours organized by the school. This is an opportunity for students to review their knowledge and update objective practice, and soon become familiar with the work of planning, guiding, operating and managing the delegation.

    Experienced lecturers: Lac Hong University has a team of experienced lecturers who have been working directly in the field of tourism and travel, will share profound knowledge and practical experience, helping you Develop the skills needed to succeed in this industry.

    Modern facilities: Lac Hong University invests in modern facilities, including classrooms, practice rooms and other support facilities such as libraries, computer rooms, and conference rooms ... That helps students have a good learning and research environment, creating favorable conditions for applying knowledge into practice.

    Internship opportunities and business links: Lac Hong University establishes links with travel and tourism businesses and industry associations to provide internship opportunities and exchanges with experts in the field. branch. This gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge in a real-life environment and expand their professional network.

    Alumni network and job opportunities: Lac Hong University has a large network of alumni in the field of Tourism and Travel Management. This creates opportunities to network with alumni who have been successful in the field and can help students find employment after graduation.

    Is it easy for students majoring in Tourism and Travel Management to get a job?

    The Tourism and Travel Management industry is becoming an increasingly growing industry with high demand for human resources. Therefore, students in this field often have many job opportunities after graduation. With a training program that harmoniously combines theory and practice, Lac Hong University students can confidently do well at domestic and foreign travel companies, departments, and branches after graduating. travel or research and teach about tourism.

    High skills and experience: Students are trained in outstanding soft skills such as communication, time management, teamwork and problem solving, so they have an advantage in finding jobs. Internships and related extracurricular activities throughout their studies also help students gain important experience for their careers.


    Connection network: LHU has built a network of connections in the travel and tourism industry that can help students find information about job opportunities and receive referrals from people with experience in the industry.

    Admission methods to LHU in 2024:

    Lac Hong University conducts university admission using 04 methods:

    Method 1: Admission based on results from the 2024 high school graduation exam.

    Method 2: Admission based on academic transcript results.

    Method 3: Admission is based on the score of the National University's competency assessment exam.

    Method 4: Direct admission according to the admission regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.



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