Class "How to write effective scientific articles" offered

    Class "How to write effective scientific articles" offered

    Recently, Lac Hong University offered its teachers and students a class ""How to write effective scientific articles" lectured by Prof. Teddy Andrew Knoy (Lecturer at Yuanpei University of Medical Technology - English editor for Taiwan's journals of Science, Technology and Medicine) in cooperation with the Scientific Research Department.

    The class began on April 2 and it will close at the end of the month, as expected. The class includes four turns. Each turn consists of four classes suitable for each subject as Technical students, English majored lecturers, last year students who are going to carry out research projects.

    The class offered learners many useful contents such as Organizing Technical Research Papers and Report, Writing in the Workplace.... especially for those who are carrying out research projects and for those who want to publish their journal articles. Learners were provided with techniques as well as methods for a completely effective scientific article during the class.

    At the class, Prof. Teddy said that "scientists need to write their papers and do their research projects at the same time". He also cleared some techniques for an accepted papers and some skills to write a distinct article. He further stressed that "scientists have to care about research bases, how to carry out research, how to present research problems as well as hypotheses, abstract and research recommendation.

    The class attracted the crowded participation of teachers and students.

    With devotion and great contribution of Prof. Teddy Andrew Knoy, completing research projects of teachers and students will be easier and clearer. More importantly, quality of scientific articles of Lac Hong University in international journals will be increased.

    By Diem Nhi - trans by WBE

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