Impact of Corporate Social Responsibilities Dimensions on Employee Engagement through Mediating Variables: Organizational Trust and Job Satisfaction,

    Tran Thi Nhinh, Tran Dang Khoa, Nguyen Van Tan

    1: Hong Bang International University,

    2: University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, 3: Lac Hong University, Vietnam.

    E-mail address:,,

    The reality of the implementation of CSR in Vietnam is not yet fully understood by businesses about voluntarily participating in the implementation of CSR and the benefits and importance of the implementation of CSR to how big a business is. Besides, the real situation of human resources of the banking industry has been more and more volatile for many years in Vietnamese market. Most previous studies only stopped to synthesize reasoning and make judgments, assessments from subjectivity and experience, descriptive statistics or the study of single relationships. In this study, the author studies the relationship between CSR and employee engagement through the mediating role of organizational trust and job satisfaction.

    The objective of the study is to find the link between CSR and employees engagement in the banking industry in Vietnam. Based on the arguments and research bases, the research needs to clarify the factors affecting the impact of CSR on employee engagement. The results of the study help businesses in the banking sector in Vietnam to further promote efficiency from the implementation of corporate social responsibility, help to strengthen employee engagement in firm, improve efficiency for firm. Besides, this study also has new theoretical contributions in this field.

    The data was collected by direct interview method of about 480 employees working in banking industry in Vietnam. The measurement model was tested by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and tested the theoretical model by SEM model, through SPSS 20 and AMOS 24 software.

    The study will build a scale for the components of the theoretical model and test the measurement model. The results of testing the relationship of the components in the theoretical model will help firms recognize the relationship between CSR and employee engagement. Since then, companies will accelerate their CSR implementation to maximize employee engagement and employee performance. This research is not only scientifically meaningful but also practical in Vietnam. Especially for managers of firm in the banking industry, management of agencies as well as social organizations, firm associations, CEO.

    The scope of the study just stops researching on employees working in the banking industry in Vietnam.

    Research results show that there exists significant relationships between CSR and employee engagement through the role of mediating organizational trust and job satisfaction. The results of the study will likely enable subsequent studies to use the scale to support their research. The results and implications of the study will stimulate further studies to explore the relationship between CSR and employee engagement for different industries and sectors in Vietnam and in other countries around the world.

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