Factors affecting online shopping behavior based on social media advertising in vietnam

    Phan Thanh Tam, Lac Hong University (LHU) Nguyen Van Dung, Lac Hong University (LHU) Tran Thi My Huong, Lac Hong University (LHU)

    Social Media Marketing is understood as social media, and it is a combination of technology and content for businesses to promote their brand on the Internet or social platforms easily. Currently, the most popular Social Media networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Twitter. It is thanks to the explosion of these social channels that the majority of potential customers created. It is a diverse fertile land that any business wants to exploit and access. Social media advertising is marketing activities performed on social channels to obtain specific effects such as interaction with users, increasing users' awareness about services and products, especially promoting users' buying and owning actions through social networking sites. Therefore, the authors surveyed 500 customers using online shopping services. The article explored three factors affecting online shopping attitudes based on social media advertising in Vietnam with one percent significance. The paper was applying Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Finally, the authors had policy recommendations to develop social media advertising in Vietnam.

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