Determinants affecting students' intention to start-up business: a case study of universities in dong nai province

    Van Thi Bich, Vu Duc Cuong, Phan Thanh Tam

    Nowadays, a new start-up flow has appeared and made a bold impression in Vietnam despite the difficulties.The start-up market in Vietnam is still among the top 3 thriving start-up markets in Southeast Asia, along with Thailand and Indonesia. This start-up proves that the Vietnamese start-up market is alive and has potential for development. Besides, students starta business no longer a strange thing, but not all students can start a business while still atuniversities. Because they lack investment money, lack human resources, or do not have the correct student start-up idea? Whatever the reason, students who dare business are very welcome. To help students understand about starting-up business. Therefore, the authors surveyed 800studentsstudying at three universities in Dong Nai province. In addition, the articleexplorescritical factors affecting students' intention to start-up businesswith one percent significance. The paper was applying structural equation modeling(SEM). Finally, the authorshadpolicy recommendations to enhancestudents' intention to start a business in Dong Nai province.

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