Solutions for Improving Human Resource Management at Commercial Banks Basedon the Digital Economy

    Hoang Thi Thanh Chung1, Truong Le Hoang1, Phan Thanh Tam2*
    1 Faculty of Administration and International Economics, Lac Hong University, Dong Nai, Vietnam
    2 Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, Lac Hong University, Dong Nai, Vietnam

    Vietnam's banking system has undergone many historical development stages. The development
    stages all pose requirements for the respective human resource requirements. Over the past time and now, commercial banks have developed characteristics such as: being a key component in the financial system; speedy growth in scale; products in the infancy stage have not high technology content; competitiveness and asset quality are not high. The issue of human resource management is of particular importance to an organization. No organization's activities can be practical without human resource management. Human resource management is the cause of success or failure in business activities. The fundamental goal of any organization is to effectively use human resources to achieve the organization's goals, including Vietnamese commercial banks, especially in the current context of competition and international integration. The authors tested descriptive statistics from 200 persons working for many commercial banks in Vietnam. The results showed that the current situation of human resource management at commercial banks is at a lower level. Thus, it is necessary to have studied and propose
    solutions to improve human resource management at commercial banks.

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