Improving the Quality of E-Banking Services of Commercial Banks post Covid-19 Pandemic in Vietnam

    Hoang Thi Thanh Chung*1 and Nguyen Viet Hung1
    1Lac Hong University (LHU), VIETNAM.
    *Corresponding Author (Email: chunghtt@


    Developing e-banking services is an inevitable development trend in the context of the current industrial revolution 4.0. E-banking, with its able features, is winning great affection from customers. It makes
    ple's lives more convenient and transactions much more uncomplicated. he benefits of using e-banking are many services. Therefore, the study determined the importance of factors affecting the quality of e-banking ices at commercial banks. With research data using survey data, 400 omers are using e-banking services at commercial banks, and the result 65 votes; the rate is 91.25%. The research results show that evaluating the e's reliability through Cronbach's Alpha coefficient, exploratory factor lysis - EFA, and drawing out six factors affecting the quality of e-banking ices. The following factors are suggested, espectively, of policy lications for the price, tangible means, responsiveness, empathy, ability, and service capacity.

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