A study of factors to effects of logistics costs - case study in dongnai province

    Tran Thi Kim Chi

    Faculty of Management - International Economics, Lac Hong University, Dong Nai, Vietnam

    The logistics industry is closely related in the economic system and every life. Understand logistics activitive to have a view of better evaluate the goals and make efforts to building policies to promote foreign trade. Therefore, to improve the capacity through cutting costs for logistics operations is an important and necessary task for each business, reducing logistics costs to reduce cost of delivering products, to promote sales, increase trade, open up new investment markets. This study examines factors affect to logistics cost. There are 308 survey to use in this study. The study show that there are 5 factors that affect to logistics cost: "Infrastructure, Corporate, Reserve, Human resources and Customs", of which "Infrastructure" has the strongest influence to logistics cost. Research results to help logistic businesses and  manufacturing businesses to develop policies and strategies to improve the competitiveness of busunesses as well as the logistics system in general through reducing logistics costs.


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