Impacting service quality on tourists’ satisfaction: a case study of the buu long tourist inbien hoa city

    Phan Thanh Tam and Vu Duc Cuong

    Lac Hong University (LHU)

    Email: phthtam74@gmail.comand


    Visitor satisfaction is an essential aspect that directly affects the success of destination marketing because it has a direct impact on destination choice and consumption. Goods, services, and decided to return. Besides, Buu Long tourism area is one of the diverse tourism areas of great significance in Bien Hoa city and contributes to promoting the growing tourism industry of Dong Nai province. Through the study of factors affecting the quality of tourism services on visitors’ satisfaction at Buu Long tourism area. The research results of 650 visitors from May 2020 to July 2020 and five factors are affecting the quality of tourism services and satisfaction of tourists at Buu Long tourism area, respectively: Reliability; Empathy; Responsiveness; Competence and Tangibles. This factor is a scientific basis to help the Buu Long Tourist Area Management Board improve the quality of tourism services to enhance visitors’ satisfaction.

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