Establishing scale measures affecting enterprises “success” of small and medium enterprises in south east- vietnam

    Ha Minh Thien Hao, Tran Dang Khoa, Nguyen Van Tan

    To assess the factors affecting the success of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Southeast Viet Nam, the author synthesized theory and surveys to find out the scale collected from enterprises in the region. Southeast region and selected through random sampling techniques. The results show that the scale "Relationships" with 06 observed variables from CMQH 1 to CMQH6 tested reliability shows that the scale with confidence coefficient α = 0.739 greater than 0.6 is satisfactory. However, considering the correlation of each variable compared to the total variable, the variable CMQH6 = 0.030 is less than 0.3, and the value of Cronbach's Alpha if Item Deleted = 0.805 is greater than the common α coefficient so the variable CMQH6 (Good relationship with the experts) will be disqualified. Thus, the remaining “Relationships” scale of 05 variables CMQH1, CMQH2, CMQH3, CMQH4, CMQH5 meet the requirements of reliability and can be further included in the discovery factor analysis.

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