Managerial implications improving the service quality of convenience store chain during the covid-19 pandemic in vietnam

    Truong Le Hoang, Lac Hong University (LHU) Vu Minh Nguyet, Lac Hong University (LHU)

    In recent years, convenience stores have always been a business trend that attracts domestic investors. It has become a giant playground for foreign investors; the company is to evaluate an advanced field of competition, such as convenience store services. Every day, convenience stores improve the quality and reliability of customers for their services. The business form of these convenience models is to buy from merchants and then resell them to retail customers to make a profit. Although the gain is not too high, it creates a new shopping habit that is more convenient for consumers. Convenient in terms of geographical distance, in terms of meeting the essential needs of consumers. Many retail businesses have adopted many new models to adapt and continue fighting and developing during the general difficult period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the authors surveyed 600 customers related to buying goods from convenience stores in Vietnam. The research results showed that five factors affected customer satisfaction in Vietnam. Research results are crucial scientific evidence for managers to improve convenience stores.


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