A Study on Factors Affecting Student’s Learning Soft Skills at Lac Hong University

    Tran Thi Kim Chi

    Lac Hong University, Viet Nam

    * Corresponding author. Email:


    Training institutions, provide workers and students who will participate in
    the progress of the labour force found that: It is necessary to meet the needs
    of quality labourers at present, when; the integration door has been opening
    up a variety of job opportunities for workers. This also means that the
    recruitment criteria are higher, requiring the workforce, in addition to
    professional skills, to be equipped with soft skills, which are essential skills
    employers value. Researching the impact of factors affecting students' soft
    skills learning of LHU's students has 367 questionnaires whose researcher
    used in this report. The results have shown that there were six factors
    affecting students' soft skills learning which were "Training Courses",
    "Teaching Methods", "Lecturers", "Facilities", "Institution Policies", and
    "Practising Environment". Among these, "Facilities" strongly impacted
    students' soft skills learning

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